Entering the World of Trading: 6 Proven Ways to Get Free Shares

by admin February 21, 2020

If you are still a bit of a novice when it comes to financial trading you could be forgiven for thinking that there has to be a catch to the promise of free shares but there are ways to give your portfolio a bit of a boost.

Here is a look at some of the options you might want to pursue in order to enhance your trading experience and potentially pick up some free stocks in the process.

A signup bonus

There are a number of companies and brokerages who offer incentives for you to open a trading account with them and that means you could be offered some free shares simply for signing up and opening an account.

One example of this incentive scheme would be the investment app called Robinhood that is specifically aimed at novice investors who are just starting out on their trading adventure.

The sign-up bonus they offer is, shares in companies such as Apple and the number of shares you get for free will vary according to how you open your trading account with.

No commission to pay

Another investing app that is worth looking at is Webull, simply because it doesn’t charge a commission when you invest in stocks and it also offers you some stocks for free as well.

They also offer more free shares if you refer a friend to sign up for the app and that means you can add to your portfolio simply for recommending the app to others if you like the way it works for you.

Expanding your horizons

Once you get the hang of financial trading you may decide to broaden your investment outlook and invest in ETFs and other opportunities such as futures.

Obviously, it is wise to learn the ropes before risking a lot of cash in markets that can prove challenging as well as rewarding for relatively inexperienced investors.

However, a broker such as TD Ameritrade might prove to be a useful platform to use as it regularly runs promotions where you can get cash bonuses that could be used to purchase shares.

Stockpile some free stocks

This option is slightly different in that Stockpile is a stock gifting service in app form that offers free stocks when you first sign up.

Another worthwhile feature with this app is the ability to buy fractional shares, allowing you to invest in some companies with a huge financial outlay.

From little acorns

Most of us know the analogy of acorns growing into a tree and if you open an account with a company called Acorns you can get some free stocks for doing so.

Those shares could then potentially grow into something more valuable.

Make the most of your dividends

Savvy investors know that the way to grow the value of your portfolio is to reinvest your dividends and some companies offer shareholders the chance to reinvest their cash in additional shares.

It should be said that some of these offers will depend on whether you are eligible to open an account but if everything checks out on that score the prospect of some free shares for signing up is a real no brainer.