What are the Best Investments to Make During COVID-19?

by admin July 2, 2020

Covid-19 has changed the way the world invests money. While some traditional methods are intact, individuals and businesses have had to readjust their strategies. During a worldwide pandemic, intelligent investment decisions will keep a company afloat. Some are low risk, while others are high risk options. If you are serious about making the right moves financially, then one of these investments will be your eventual goldmine. 

Rental Housing

Investors that don’t mind managing a property can use rental housing as an investment. Real estate is always a giant commitment, but the end result is usually worth the trouble. It can provide a steady stream of money if you’re renting, or a large chunk of cash if you’re selling. The current housing market is upside down due to the virus which opens opportunities to buy at a much lower price. 

High-yield Savings Accounts

FDIC insured bank accounts that feature high-yield savings remain a great investment option if you have a lot of unused cash. The overhead cost is virtually next to nothing, and the interest rate is much more palatable than a regular savings account. This type of account makes sense if you have a long-term plan as an individual, or as a company. 

Treasury Securities

For a look at an underrated investment, you may want to check out treasury securities. In these trying times, the government is making major changes to and funding large projects. Treasury notes, bills, and bonds are highly recommended and offer some of the most premium returns in the world. Treasure securities can be issued for as little as a few months and for as much as 30 years. You’re in full control over the amount, and specific terms related to the length of your maturity. With increments offered at $100, this is the most flexible way to invest on the list. 

Dividend Stock Funds

Stocks that pay dividends are not hard to find if you know which company to invest in. This is a perfect combination of a short and long-term investment rolled in one. It is the main reason stocks are still king, and liquidity is not a huge concern. Take a look at your portfolio to see where you can optimize earnings the most during the pandemic. Plenty of people miss out on the benefit of dividend stock funds after putting their investments together. By doing so, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. 

Structured Finance

For a business, structured finance is an investment that has a much wider reach. When normal financial methods are insufficient, companies can use structured finance to meet their growing needs. Due to the complexity of it, normal lenders don’t offer this option. A company that wants to invest in its future can use structured financing to reshape the entire company. Changing cash flow, managing risk, and expanding business reach are some of the benefits of this investment. The product list is extensive, and that is why structured finance is reserved for companies that are serious about their vision. 

Wrap Up

You can’t build wealth while playing it safe during a pandemic. Making lateral financial moves is not a good strategy, and will only put you behind individuals with similar investments. Find out which industry is the most welcoming to your strategy so that you can go full steam ahead.