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Buying a duplex: Pros and Cons

August 29, 2022 / Finance/Investment
Is buying a duplex a good investment

Introduction  Are you interested in Real Estate investment? But you say that you have no idea where to start. One…

The Complete Guide To Tax Planning: Save Money And Get Organized

August 18, 2022 / Taxes
tax planning

Introduction Tax planning is paying your tax obligations while considering your present financial situation. After considering your age, financial objectives,…

Save Money Live Better: Clever Budget Planning Tips

July 29, 2022 / Taxes
saving money

Working dedicatedly and not being able to save money is disheartening. Overbearing spending eats into your hard-earned money, and in…

What is an Implicit Cost? Examples & Significance

July 20, 2022 / Finance/Investment
Implicit Cost

Implicit costs are non-financial expenses arising from a company using a resource or asset it already owns instead of bearing…

Financial Tips to Lead a Successful Semi Retired Life

July 14, 2022 / Finance
How to semi retire

When we think about retirement, we tend to envision a specific future date on the calendar if we transition from…

Debentures vs bonds: Understanding the key differences

June 15, 2022 / Finance/Investment
Debentures vs bonds

Be it a small company or a large corporation the need for money to keep things going is ever accepted.…

The Pros And Cons Of Living In An Income Restricted Apartments

May 12, 2022 / Taxes
income restricted apartments

If this is the case, you may be qualified for an Income restricted apartments unit. So, what exactly are income-restricted…

What is a Vested Balance and How exactly Does it work?

May 2, 2022 / Taxes

What is a Vested Balance?  The amount of money in your retirement account is known as your vested balance. Your…

How to Calculate Real GDP: The Complete Method

July 12, 2021 / Finance
how to calculate real gdp

Economists often refer to gross domestic product when making predictions about inflation. It is a discussion that is brought up…

How To Calculate Depreciation: Accounting Essentials

July 2, 2021 / Finance
3 Ways on How to Calculate Depreciation

How to calculate depreciation and which method should apply to a particular asset is important to know. When most people…