Privacy Policy

Your private personal information is very important to you, and we take full measures to make sure that it is secured on MywealthandInvestment. Please read the following Privacy Policy to learn more about the security of your information. By reading this policy and using MywealthandInvestment, you have accepted the terms below.


We will not in any way sell or rent out your personal information to anyone.


MywealthandInvestment does not and will not sync with banks or personal credit card accounts. Therefore, any information or e-mail address you supply for registration remains strictly anonymous.


Many areas of MywealthandInvestment do not require any type of information to be collected to view the content and information on the site as well as the blog. In order to have the full use of the functionality of the personal budgeting software, you will be required to submit a valid e-mail address and a password that you choose.

MywealthandInvestment employees are the only people who will have access to your login information, and only on an as-needed basis to help operate and fix the Service when necessary.

Other personal identity information that may be asked for in a users profile is strictly optional including such information as first and last name. Location, time zone, currency, and currency format are options a user can select which will better help the Service fulfill its functional needs for the user, but these are not required either.

A valid e-mail address is required by MywealthandInvestment for the following services:

Registration for any MywealthandInvestment newsletter

Participate in any forums that MywealthandInvestment may set up


We at MywealthandInvestment will never rent or sell any of your information. It may be used by us in a few situations or upon your request. We use your e-mail information to determine how much the Site is used and to make improvements upon the software. We may send e-mail notifications about Site updates and improvements or to communicate necessary information about the Site to our users. We may further use your e-mail address when necessary to help with issues you may be having. For market research and strategic planning and to enforce the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, we may need to communicate with you through your e-mail address.


We do not disclose any of member’s information except under special circumstances, such as complying with legal or statutory requirements, or if MywealthandInvestment believes that a member’s account is being used to commit unlawful acts.


MywealthandInvestment does not take any personal identifying bank and credit card account information as our Service does not sync with financial institutions. Data is inserted manually into the Site. To ensure the safety of your data, communications on the site are encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

This is a high-powered security measure we have taken to protect you and your data. To ensure SSL is enabled on your computer, you will see the URL prefix “HTTPS” in your browser.


We do not use Cookies


The data that you input into the Service is yours. You are free to add, edit, and delete content that you submit to your account any time. You have the ability to export your account data to your own computer. You may request to remove any data or to have your account deleted from the system at anytime. The data will be removed from the server and it will not be possible to access the account further. If you would like to have your account deleted, please contact us through the Contact us Form


You are aware that any comments, links, pictures, or information that you may leave on the blog or forum can be viewed, read, collected, and used by other members of the blog or forum. We are not responsible for any personal information you may leave on the blog or forum.


We may modify the content to this Privacy Policy and have the right to change it at any time. The new updated Private Policy will take effect right away and by accessing MywealthandInvestment, you agree to adhere to the changes made. Please review this Privacy Policy for updates.


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about this privacy policy, please contact us through the contact us form.